Joe’s Cable Car – A Burger Addict’s Haven / Summer Eatcation 5

Joe’s Cable Car
4320 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94112

Summer Eatcation Part 5 (of 7)

San Francisco was the last city on our summer vacation and on the top of my priority list was a stop at Joe’s Cable Car. The place is pretty famous and has been covered by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Hamburger America, A Hamburger Today, Zagat and many more. “Joe grinds his own fresh chuck daily,” and has been since 1965. I put that in quotes because it is written so frequently about the place that it’s practically part of the restaurant’s name. Joe’s special grinding process has been satiated thousand and thousands of burger fanatics and now it was my turn!

If you’re in San Fran and don’t have a car, I suggest and afternoon rental because Joe’s is WAAAYYYYY on the South side of town. Plus, if you are sight seeing the city, its really drivable. For $38 we got a compact car and saw Alamo Square, the Painted Ladies, Coit Tower, drove across the Golden Gate bridge, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Haight-Ashbury, the Presidio and of course, Joe’s Cable Car!!! Once you pull onto Mission St, there is no way you can miss Joe’s. The parking lot is covered in signs and the brightly lit building covered in neon make this a total eye catcher. Walking into Joe’s, it’s even more over the top. It’s a restaurant only an Italian-American could build. You’ll find yourself caught up in the photo galleries, signs, propaganda, menus, decorations and of course the butcher shop!! But then the smell gets you..

Although it’s mostly burgers, or as Joe calls them “ground beef steaks,” there is a lot to choose from. You can also pick your patty size; 4, 6 or 8 ounces. I went with a 6 oz Tom (served on an English muffin – my fave!) with sharp cheddar, cooked medium rare, as always which is how Joe prefers to serve them. It’s recommended that once served, using a fork, you take a small piece of the ground beef steak to try it out. As if I wasn’t already salivating like a bull dog on a hot day, the one little bite sent a wave of savory taste sensation across my tongue. Look at the picture below, you can see how tantalizing the inner burger with all it’s juices looks. I slapped the little guy together and practically inhaled the first couple of bites. Bursting with natural juices, Joe’s beef steak is so fresh and filled with flavor. After only a few bites, I almost ordered a second patty no bun or toppings as it’s just that good. If I lived in or near San Fran, you would probably see me here once a week attacking a Joe’s ground beef steak like a vampire after a month’s feeding drought!

One gallery in particular caught my fancy and I hope one day to be listed in it!!

8 out of 10 ounces

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