Kuma’s Corner – 666, the Number of the Burger

Kuma’s Corner
2900 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

If you don’t like burgers, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this site. If you don’t like heavy metal, maybe you aren’t my friend. If you do love metal and you love metal, maybe we should go do karate in the garage. Shadows Fall, a band I manage (burgers are not my day job…yet!) was playing Chicago and that was a good enough excuse to re-visit one of my favorite burgers, Kuma’s Corner. For those NOT in the know, Kuma’s is gourmet burger joint on the North West side of Chicago that has named all of their burger selections after heavy metal bands. All the more reason to throw an after party there on a night Shadows Fall plays the town. So, Jackie, my wife Cara and I hopped a flight from New York to do just that that.Sometimes the planets align for the sole purpose of showing you how amazing life can be and that is exactly how I would describe Kuma’s Corner. I never knew that life could be this awesome until I had my first visit here. So with Shadows Fall and a bunch of great people in tow, I knew we were in for a night of epic proportions.

Knowing that Kuma’s does not take reservations, it was clearly a long shot when I called and tried to book an after party for the show. However, Sous Chef Luke went far and above to let it be known that they appreciated our business. Shortly after we were sat at 3 different tables (large parties are impossible at this intimate spot) we all delved deeply into the burger menu. As we perused the options, a pile of Pig Destroyer Fries (covered in pulled pork, cheese and scallions) arrived courtesy of the house. God Damn it…they were amazing. We then quickly placed our order for “Make Your Own Mac & Cheese” opting for fried onions and chicken. Upon arrival, I treated the apps like a plow does a snow covered street. plow or be plowed. So freakin good!!!!

When it came to burger choices, I tried to not pick based on my love for music and more so on my appreciation for food. That being the case, it was all about the “Iron Maiden,” a burger covered in avocado, jack cheese, cherry peppers and chipotle mayo and ALL burgers at Kuma’s are served on a pretzel roll. 666, this was the burger of the beast, especially no avocado (I love it, but felt it was unnecessary). Seriously, gourmet meat, specialized bun and toppings that enhanced every flavor. There is just nothing like this any where else in the world. In fact, Kuma’s burger is so good, that if even if you can’t stand metal (die) but loved good food, you would still be blown away.

“For some strange reason there are people who don’t care for eggs when they have hamburgers….. I for one, enjoy a little extra protein on my burger, therefore the Kuma burger rocked! Personally, directly after playing an hour set of blazing metal, I would have rather dined to some jazz instead of non-stop blaring death metal (love the tunes, but not when I’m trying to eat) but I do understand that that contributes to Kuma’s ambiance! Beggars can’t be choosers!!!”
– Jason Bittner, Shadows Fall

Death to False Burgers.

9 out of 10 ounces

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4 Responses to Kuma’s Corner – 666, the Number of the Burger

  1. Jackie says:

    I had anticipated going to Kuma's ever since the first burger conquest had gone there. However being that it was in Chicago i wasn't quite sure when i was going to get there. So when Rev suggested a trip to see Shadows Fall in Chicago with a stop at Kuma's for dinner i jumped at the chance. Though finding us all a table together was next to impossible we somehow all get seated at tables near each other. Making passing around appetizers of the tasty pig destroy fries & the AMAZING make your own Mac-n-Cheese very easy. In the weeks leading up to this i couldn't quite decide what burger i would want. Seeing i was so torn i decided to go with the Kuma burger, their signature burger with a fried egg on top. It was cooked a perfect medium rare and the flavors were just perfect together. Overall it was an amazing burger with some great company and a really good time. I give Kuma's 9 ounces out of 10!

  2. AJ says:

    I love Kuma's! I am a creature of habit though and always get the Iron Maiden (WITH Avocado, that's the best part!). I choose veggie burger too, even though I'm not a veggie. I just like it. The pretzel roll makes the sandwich.

    Good food, good company, good music, fun night!

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