In-N-Out Burger – A Burger Flaps Its Wings

1891 E. “G” Street
Ontario, CA 91764

Butterfly effect, a specific dial down of the Chaos Theory, states that small changes or actions can have large effects on other scenarios. It’s kind of like the physics version of subliminal advertising. Case in point; comedy website pulls a prank on NYC, leading New Yorkers to believe popular West coast burger chain In-N-Out will be opening in their town. A week later, a plane lands at the Ontario, CA airport with a traveler who deplanes with a need for caffeine. He gets into his rental car, pulls out of the airport and spots an In-N-Out Burger and decides to pull in for a Diet Coke. He gets a burger along with his soda. Spur of the moment craving or scientific theory proven correct!?! You decide…

me..I decided to get a single with onions, no tomato and a large Diet Coke. I don’t care what Doctor Emmet Brown or Ashton Kutcher have to say about the butterfly effect, I just not know that In-N-Out is fresh, fast, delicious and good on the go!! They’re also thoughtful enough to offer you a place mat to keep your car seat from getting all greasified.

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7 out of 10 ounces

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