South Houston – Thrillist Tested & Burger Conquest Approved

South Houston
331 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013-2265

Back in February Burger Conquest and Thrillist Rewards road tested a new menu item at South Houston in NYC called “The Bulldog.” It’s a house-made deep Fried Hot Dog served in a bun and is layered with a Fried Egg, Hash Browns, American Cheese, Beef Chili & Sour Cream. Then the entire thing is wrapped in Bacon and then baked until crispy. It was invented by the owner of South Houston, Michael Carpiniello and it’s a fantastically epic gut-busting food item.

It’s also now available for a limited time through Thrillist Rewards for a special price of $25. The reward comes as part of a 3 course meal with a craft beer of choice (I suggest the unfiltered River Horse Lager!) Do not miss out on this amazing reward!!!

As you know by now, I have joined up with the Thrillist team to help create these sweet Rewards. My favorite part about them is that every single Reward that goes live on Thrillist is road-tested by the team themselves to ensure the utmost in quality experiences. If you read the “how it works” section of the Thrillist Rewards site you’ll see “Thrillist-Approved,Custom Experiences. We team up with our local contacts to develop an itinerary of can’t-miss things to do in your city each week.” Well let me tell you fellow eaters, it’s 100% the truth. Enjoy an inside look at Thrillist road-testing for Reward creation but I would defintely go buy the Reward first before it runs out!!


Got a restaurant, bar, experience or local business that you think is right for a reward? Drop me an line.

Happy eating

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