Burger Conquest Challenge For National Hamburger Month 2011


Burger Conquest’s Rev attempts to eat 31 Burgers in 31 days in May 2011 in support of National Hamburger Month.

April 13, 2011

New York, NY – Self-proclaimed Burger Lover, Reverend David Ciancio, the man behind the hamburger blog, BurgerConquest.com, has announced that he will attempt to eat 1 Hamburger for every day in May of 2011, in support of National Hamburger Month. To help promote the most “Burgeriffic” month of the year, “Rev” has created a public event calendar to help promote National Hamburger Month events taking place all over America.

Burger enthusiasts, restaurants, bars and the like are encouraged to submit their National Hamburger Month Events to Burger Conquest which will be included on a Google Calendar at https://burgerconquest.com/national-hamburger-month. Users have the option of submitting event information via an easy-to-use form, or they can send a calendar invite to therev@burgerconquest.com to add their event.

The Rev, known as The World’s Most Socially Connected Burger Blogger, is now accepting invites for National Hamburger Month events. “There are so many delicious Burgers out there and it’s my civic duty to crush as many as I can! This is a challenge I’m putting on myself and Burger lovers across the land. I will bring my Glorious Pursuit of Delicious Burgers to your restaurant, bar, club, truck, grill or where ever you plan to celebrate this most awesome of months! Just remember something, I live in N.Y.C. and while I’m willing to travel almost any distance for a juicy Burger, I’m limited by time and finances. If you cover the cost my travel, I will definitely go ANYWHERE to support National Hamburger Month!” All Burgers eaten by Rev on his Conquest will be written up on BurgerConquest.com with pictures and a story.

To invite Rev out for a Burger during National Hamburger Month, email him at therev@burgerconquest.com.

Put In Mouth PR can be reached for any promotional materials, information or media opportunities.

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8 Responses to Burger Conquest Challenge For National Hamburger Month 2011

  1. Rodney says:

    Nice! I’m going for 31 burger reviews in 31 days, but your dedication is 15 times more awesome! So what’s your burger for May 1st? You going to be in Northern Cali any days in May…if so, I’ve got you covered.

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  7. Hotdogman says:

    My burger brother from another mother! I applaud your efforts and dedication- I know what a drain on your time and wallet a project like this can be! For the second year in a row, I will be eating a hot dog a day at a different venue, every day in the month of July- National Hot Dog Month. I like burgers too! I will be watching. Maybe we could do a little schtick together some time? Ciao! -Rob

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