Thrillist Rewards “WilliamsBEERg” Craft Beer Crawl

Thrillist Rewards Williamsburg Craft Beer Crawl

New York City is an amazing place with a lot of uniquely different and interesting neighborhoods. There is a wider array of cultural diversity found inside it’s 5 boroughs than any where else in the world. It doesn’t matter if your Asian, Jewish, Gay, a rock and roller, Banker, Mormon, Hispanic, Short, a Red Head, a Rhodes Scholar, Chef, Celebrity, Ukrainian, Married, a Hipster or avid Swimmer, there’s a place for you in the Big Apple. While most hoods accept all kinds, there is a tendency for like-minded folks to flock together, helping to define each neighborhood into it’s own incomparable destination.

Amongst all this diversity, there is one commonality that each neighborhood shares, which welcomes each and everyone of us into it’s boundaries. That magical key is beer and there is no more fun way to introduce yourself to the cultures of another neighborhood like a good old fashioned bar crawl. But to make it more awesome and uniquely New York, make that a bar crawl revolving only around craft beers and that’s known as a Thrillist Reward!

Earlier this year, the fancy folks at Thrillist started teaming up with local merchants to create unique New York only, cant-miss experiences known as Thrillist Rewards. They came down to my bar, Idle Hands, to pitch me on the idea which turned into me pitching them to help them. Thus was born the Thrillist’s East Village “EVILL” Craft Beer Crawl, a one day event which gave 500 people the chance to try out 11 craft beers & 11 food bites at 11 super cool bars and restaurants in New York’s East Village.  It was a massive hit and a ton of fun that not only had 500 Thrillist Rewards’ purchasers trolling around the EVILL but nearly 3000 more people requesting to take part.

A few days later at our weekly Thrillist Rewards brain storming session, it was decided that this amazing event needed to be done again but this time in a different neighborhood. Not only did we want to create another awesome experience for the Thrillist subscribers, but also, we the staff wanted to use our love of craft beer as a passport to explore the diversity all over this great city. Thanks to a very positive response from those and the crawl and a TON of help from S.K.I. Beer, one of NYC’s premier craft beer distributors, I was able to create … Thrillist Rewards “WilliamsBEERg” Craft Beer Crawl!

For only $25, purchasers would receive 1 – 8 ounce pour of craft beer redeemable anytime on Saturday, April 9th, from 1 to 6 pm. All 500 tickets sold out in a flash and Rewards buyers could look forward to a craft beer at all of the following great places:

Brooklyn Ale House
The Charleston

The Cove
Full Circle Bar
The Gibson
Mugs Ale House
Trash Bar


As luck would have it, The Cove, where we started off the crawl, is located around the block from the new location of Brooklyn’s favorite outdoor Burger, That Burger Tent. Dan and his amazing proprietary blend of Pat LaFrieda beef made Burgers teamed up with us at Idle Hands for the EVIILL craft beer crawl and as a fan of tradition, I could think of no better way to kick off the WilliamsBEERg edition. Dan opens up That Burger Tent at 10 am every Saturday and Sunday right outside of Artist & Fleas on 7th Street between Wythe & Kent and serves up made-to-order Burgers until he runs out.

That Burger Tent, now in it’s 2nd year, operated with only 3 Burgers on the menu and received unbelievably positive reaction from Burger fans (like me) and the local community. With only 2 weeks into a new season, That Burger Tent has not only opened with a new location but also with a new look and a much, much bigger menu including the all new “Porto Party,” an Organic Portabello Mushroom Cap covered in Mozzarella Cheese & Quacamole as well as all new Sweet Potato Fries. Looks like it’s going to be a tasty summer for flea market shoppers in Brooklyn!

For those of you still fixated on the thought of “who eats a Burger at 10 am?” allow me to answer that question; “THIS GUY!” It’s especially easy to do when That Burger Tent offers “The Wake Up,” A Burger topped with a Fried Egg, American Cheese and Bacon! Because Dan loves me, he also added some Fried Onions and Jalapenos to the sandwich to guarantee the “Wake Up” portion of the sandwich! His deliciously savory patty is made from high-quality, all natural Short Rib and Brisket Beef. The two types of beef come together to make a juicy and savory Burger that is just slightly sweet on the backside of it’s flavors. Topped with the magical food triumvirate of Bacon, Egg and Cheese, and you got one amazing Burger. While the “Wake Up” doesn’t normally come with Dan’s sweet grilled-in-Butter Onions and freshly chopped and Grilled Jalapenos, I heavily suggest them. If you’re gonna eat a Burger for breakfast, you may as well not monkey around  with it!!

8 out of 10 ounces

When I showed up to The Cove, everyone is jealous but thankfully for them, That Burger Tent, much like the awesome bars in WilliamsBEERg, will be there next weekend too.

360 Burgers

April 9, 2011 – 10:45 AM


108 N. 6th St
Brooklyn, NY

Beer: Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat & Sea Dog Apricot Wheat
(Drink separately or combine for what has been named the Sea Dog Fruit Salad)
Additional: Coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company and Fresh Bagels With Cream Cheese.

64 Frost Street

Beer: Weihenstephan Hefe Weiss
Addtional: Pretzels and Mustard

Full Circle Bar
318 Grand St

Beer: Stone IPA
Additional: Pretzels

132 Havemeyer

Beer: Founders Red Rye
Additional: Black Forest Ham& Swiss Cheese Panini Bites

303 Bedford Avenue

Beer: Hofbräu Maibock

Trash Bar
256 Grand St

Beer: Coney Island Lager

The Charleston
174 Bedford Ave

Beer: Harpoon IPA

Brooklyn Ale House
103 Berry St.

Beer: Radeberger

Mugs Ale House
125 Bedford Ave

Beer: Bear Republic Racer 5

The Gibson
108 Bedford Ave

Beer: Coney Island Albino Python

If you aren’t signed up yet for Thrillist Rewards, I suggest you get off your lazy patoot and do it now! (Trust me, I know what is coming next!)

In the meantime, go check out all these awesome WilliamsBEERg bars using the Thrillist Map as a guide



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