Land Of Cake Believe – Learning To Beer at Idle Hands with Templeton Rye and Defiant Brewing, National Hamburger Month

Land of Cake Believe at Idle Hands Bar
25 Avenue B, Downstairs
New York, NY 10009

Day 4

Everyone knows that educated drinking is healthier for you. That’s why we offer Learning to Beer and Bourbon lessons every Wednesday night at my bar in the East Village, Idle Hands. Each week beginning at 7 pm we bring in a different brewery and team them up with a different distiller for a 2 hour, private tasting session. Partons learn about the history of the brewery and distillery as well as taste up to 3 bourbons and 9 craft beers. It’s a really, really fun and exciting way to learn not only about how these tasty drinks are made but also learn more about a particular brand’s profile. We also bring down food from local merchants to pair with the drinks. It’s a freaking blast every week and as the Beer Sommelier, it’s a pleasure to share my passion for craft beer with others.

Check out an interview with me on about the events:

Idle Hands from LocalBozo on Vimeo.

Want to join us?

$35 through ($40 day of in the bar).
*2-hour event with tastings of at least 3-5 different beers & 2 Bourbons
*a beer expert pouring and teaching about the brand & style
*a bourbon expert pouring and teaching about the brand & style
*at least two full pours (draft, bottle or can) from the brewery along with the samples of special pours
*collectible items

Upcoming Learning To Beer and Bourbon Schedule:

May 11 – Butternuts & Heaven Hill
May 18 – Weyerbacher & Rebel Yell/Reserve
May 25 – Lagunitas & Victory – all beers paired with Slayer Songs!
June 1 – Crispin – Cider Elevation Night
June 8 – Shmaltz (He’Brew & Coney Island) & Redemption
June 15 – Peak Organic hosted by Tapped Craft Beer
June 22 – Ithaca Beer Company
July 27 – 30 Beers Of Metallica with Harpoon & Speakeasy
Aug 11 – 30 Beers Of Metallica with Harpoon & Speakeasy

Please reserve your seats here
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We love to pair our beers and bourbons with food and one of our favorite things to pair with is Cupcakes. Yeah, you read that right. But not just any old Cupcakes, specifically with Cupcakes from The Land of Cake Believe. At our annual Winter Warmer “White Christmas” party we paired 20 different beers of the style with their amazingly delectable Cupcakes. The Land of Cake Believe is run by our certifiable craft beer obsessed pal Robin. Whether its Purple Velvet, Cherry Chocolate Malt with Almond Toffee Frosting or Cupcakes with Marzipan Ghosts for Halloween, The Land of Cake Believe is always making the craziest and most delicious artisanal Cupcakes known to man. Go ahead, challenge Robin. She can make any kind of Cupcake you could ever imagine and will deliver them to you.

Which brings me to the point here. Robin asked me at a recent Learning To Beer two questions:
1. When can I pair Cupcakes for a Learning To Beer event?
2. When can you and I get a Burger for National Hamburger Month?

I answered her 2 questions, with one question:
Can you make a Hamburger Cupcake? If so, let’s have you pair with Defiant Brewery and Templeton Rye for a prohibition themed night.

BAMMMMMMMMMM! Not only did we get to drink some unbelievable Rye and fantastic craft beer but we got HAMBURGER CUPCAKES!!!!!

Peanut Butter Cupcake
Brownie Patty
Caramel Cream Cheese Icing

The Land of Cake Believe made the #1, most amazing, top of the list, down right astonishing Cupcake that has ever had the pleasure of going into my esteemed mouth. You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, must, must, must, must, must have one … or 2 dozen of these!!

Side note, we also brought in BBQ & Medium Hot Wings, Mac and Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries from our friends and Neighbors at Croxley Ale House. Defiant Brewery, on the weekends, offers BBQ with their Beer and I thought it would be cool to try to recreate the experience at Idle Hands. Croxley Ale house ALWAYS treats us very well.

9 out of 10 ounces

374 Burgers

May 4, 2011 – 8:41 PM

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