The Best of National Hamburger Month 2011

In honor of National Hamburger Month I pledged to celebrate by eating 31 Burgers in 31 days. Well I’m proud to say I did it. I went out to eat at least 1 Burger every day in the month of May, 2011. As my Glorious Pursuit for Delicious Burgers rolled on, it gained steam, there were more and more requests for me to come visit some places and more and more friends who wanted to share in the experience. The need to feed became unavoidable and I ate more than 31 Burgers in 31 Days.


I had an absolute blast eating my way around NYC to honor one of my favorite things to do, eat Burgers with my friends. Burger Conquest was started as a reason to do just that, eat Burgers with my friends and colleagues and have a place to share those stories online.

The hardest part of doing this wasn’t the eating, that I really enjoyed. Nor was it all the time spent running around the city or the planning of it. The hardest part, honestly, was all the writing. I tried my best to update Burger Conquest every single day of the month with the prior day’s Burger. That took literally hours and hours and hours. One of these posts can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to write depending on complexity of the story, internet connection and the biggest factor, my creative writing juices. Seriously, how many different ways can I describe how a Burger tastes? I try my best to keep this blog interesting and rich with stories and not just a cataloged history of my consumption. That’s the hardest part.

The original Conquest idea happened at PJ Clarke’s on July 20th, 2008, the birthday of my late Father. My Dad loved to have Burgers, Beers and BBQ with his buddies and every year on his birthday, I have one with him and mine. So honoring National Hamburger Month is like a month long celebration of the all the awesome things my Dad brought into my life. So, in honor of the best Dad ever, here is a list of the “Best” burgers from my National Hamburger Month celebration.


Best Turkey Burger – Bill’s Bar & Burger

Best Burger Smart Phone App – Burger GPS

Best Burger in Brooklyn – 67 Burger

Best Grass-Fed Burger – Savoy

Most Unique Burger – Land of Cake Believe Cupcake Burger

Best Veggie Burger – Kate’s Joint

Best Store Bought / Home Cooked Burger – Whole Foods

Best Reason To Eat A Burger at the Shake Shack – Meat Lessons with Pat LaFrieda at Eataly

Best Mini Burger – That Burger Tent at Idle Hands / Billy Hurricanes

Best Lamb Burger – The Breslin

Best Stuffed Burger – Amity Hall

Best Fast Food Burger – White Castle

Best Brunch Burger – HB Burger

and the moment you’ve all been waiting for…drum stick, I mean roll, please..

Best Burger of National Hamburger Month – The Clerkenwell

Thank you to all the friends that ate with me and put up with the non-stop photos. Thanks to all the restaurants, Chefs, press people, foodies and retweeters that helped me to make it a month that I will never forget!

And now … a much, much needed break from Burgers.


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