Grand Street Alliance Grand Slam BBQ BattleMaster Challenge And Winners

From Todd Kafner, the event organizer:
As many of you may now know, the GSA is not just about producing events, its primary objective is to develop programs to support an increase in revenues for all small businesses involved. As this objective is one that requires resources of many kinds it seems that the best place to look for those resources is with in the community that has now been created through The Grand Slam. Many of you have already “LIKED” the Grand Street Alliance Facebook page and there are still many of you that haven’t. While this may not seem significant, it actually is just the opposite. With your support by “LIKE”ing the GSA Facebook page and then suggesting it to all of your Facebook friends, it will help extend our reach in terms of identifying resources and support of other events that we hope you will be participating in.

What is the GSA Grand Slam BBQ BattleMaster Challange?

The marquee event at the June 3rd, Grand Slam in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this no-holds barred, multi category BBQ Contest will set the stage for both restaurants and individuals compete to win a $1000 cash prize presented by the Grand Street Alliance and the GSA Grand Slam BBQ BattleMaster 2012 title.

The Rules:

There are TWO main categories for entries in the contest, the first is competing for the GSA Grand Slam BBQ BattleMaster 2012 title and the $1000 cash prize presented by the Grand Street Allianceand the second category is the “Best Of Challenge”. Here is a Description and Rules for the competition.

To compete in this category the competitor is required to submit one of EACH of the following:

  • Beef Entree, Pork Entree, Poultry Entree, Vegetarian Entree and Side.
  • Each submission will be judged on a scale of 1-10.
  • The judges will take many factors into consideration when voting on each dish including but not limited to; flavor, creativity, cooking method, innovation and presentation.
  • Each dish submitted will receive a total score of between 4-40 (the min/max possible combined score between all four judges).
  • Once all 5 entries from every contestant have been scored, the contestant with the highest total combined score from all 5 of their entries will be named the winner

Composition of entry for BattleMaster:

  • The contestant must prepare and submit a one pound portion of each dish.
  • Submission will occur in the following order Beef, Pork, Chicken, Vegetarian and Side.
  • Submission of the “Side” entry can be submitted with any of the other 4 entrees in a separate container (for instance when you submit your Pork entree you may also submit your Side entree)
  • The contestant submission order will be randomly be assigned at the beginning of the event


This category is open to all contestants who wish to submit entries of any of the BattleMaster entree categories however they will be judged on an individual basis and not as part of the BattleMaster Submission. Individual submissions will however be judged along with the BattleMaster contestants submission for each entree category.

Submissions for the Best Of category will be submitted at the end of each entree round of the BattleMaster competition.

  • The contestant must prepare and submit a one pound portion of their submission.
  • Submission will occur in the following order Beef, Pork, Chicken, Vegetarian and Side



Check out all 70 + photos from the event on the Burger Conquest Facebook page.

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