Smashburger – Superman vs Food Einstein

700 New Jersey 3
Clifton, NJ 07013


I can’t say no to a good Burger. In fact, my inability to resist is likened to Superman and Kryptonite. The obvious difference being that Burgers don’t take away my power, they give me power, also like Clark and the Sun. For me, Food is a destination and whenever I go somewhere else, I always seek out tasty eats. I was recently at a meeting in NJ and next door from my meeting location was a Burger staring me in the face the entire time. When said meeting had accomplished it’s intentions, I hopped into my rental car and started to drive home. I made it about 3.5 feet when I b-lined right into a parking space in front of said Burger.

I love Fast Food, always have. I make no bones about it either. Taco Bell, Wendy’sWhite Castle, Checkers, Del Taco, Arby’s, Chipotle, I love em. Even the Golden Arches have a place in my heart. When someone takes a Fast Food concept and improves upon it, like for instance, the delicious decadent McGriddle or the fresh, never frozen concept of Smashburger, I’m even more impressed. Well as I recently learned, the same person is responsible both of those. Tom Ryan, the founder of the Denver based fast-casual Burger chain Smashburger is also the Food Einstein that invited McDonald’s Pancake Breakfast Sandwich, the McGriddle. The former launching in 2007 has now grown into more than 100 different locations in both the US and Canada.

All of the Burgers served at Smashburger are “Fresh, never frozen 100% Angus Beef smashed, seared and seasoned to order.” This process uses a flat griddle to quickly cook the Burger, searing in the flavor. The menu offers a number of pre-selected combinations but differs from location to location, often offering a localized idea. You can order anything ala carte and build it yourself if you want to stretch your own Burger acumen. They also have Smashfries, Smashchicken Sandwiches, Salads, Häagen-Dazs Shakes, a variety of interesting sides including Veggie Frites (Flash-fried Carrot Sticks and Green Beans) along with bottled Beer and Wine.

My day was truly not going to continue if I was not able to smash a Smashburger into my face. After what felt like an eon trying to decide what I wanted, I settled on an Avocado Club Burger on an Egg Roll instead of Multi-Grain Bun, hold the Tomatoes.  The Club comes topped with fresh Avocado, Applewood-smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Ranch Dressing and Mayo. The real pivoting moment was the Avocado. I love Cheese and almost demand it on a Burger but the fresh Avocado was sounding pretty damn tasty at the moment. Since Avocados also have a creaminess, I decided this would be good enough. The order was placed and I took a seat, patiently waiting for a Smashburger ambassador to arrive with my Lunch.

I was wrong. It was good enough, it was just right! The Egg Bun had a nice fluffiness to it and a taste that was a little more robust than your standard White Bun. The Tangy Ranch & Mayo added a nice zing to the sandwich. The Bacon they use at Smashburger is so much better than the flimsy, rubbery, fake smoke tasting Bacon that a lot of their competitors work with. The salty & savory Beef Patty made a happy partnership with the Avocado and my tastes buds were in full on pleasure mode.

Smashburger is definitely Fast Food, fresh, delicious, trend-setting Fast Food.

8 out of 10 Ounces
– Rev


602 Burgers
March 8, 2013 – 12:31 pm

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