Tasty n Sons – Epic Level Brunch

Tasty n Sons
3808 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97212


Portland, OR is a funny town. Other than Seattle, WA which is a 3-4 hour drive away, depending on “Starlate” traffic, Portland is an hours and hours drive away from any other major urban hub. Even with a population around 600K, its still in the middle of nowhere. This city is the largest shipper of wheat in the country with both Adidas and Nike calling it home. The climate there is perfect for growing Roses which is how it earned it’s nickname, The City of Roses. All of that seems pretty normal but when you add that Portland is “the capital of karaoke” and is obsessed with artisan Coffee, Craft Beer, farm to table Food and strip clubs, you’ll understand why they like to “Keep Portland Weird.” If you like eating and drinking, its a great town.

If you like fresh, seasonal farm to table Food and local coffe, head to Tasty n Sons in Portland, OR. It’s owned by John Gorham, a well known and respected Chef and entrepreneur. John also owns the highly sought after Tapas restaurant Toro Bravo.  The Tasty n Sons menu is constant flux based on seasonality, local farm’s availability and the whims of the kitchen staff but one thing remains constant, epic level Brunch. It’s so popular in fact, that the restaurant only opens for “Brunch and Dinner.” Reservations are only available for parties of 6 or more otherwise its walk up and wait. It’s certainly worth grabbing 5 or more buds and showing up extra hungry.

On a recent trip to Portland with some friends, we made Tasty n Sons our first meal in town.  With so many great and tasty sounding items on the menu, we decided to order every single one that sounded good and share them.

Griddled Bacon Wrapped Date with Maple Syrup & Almond
Where I come from, these are known as Devils on Horseback. At Tasty n Sons, they are known as delicious. They’re rich and cream with a nice crunch center.IMG_9477

Fried Egg & Cheddar Biscuit with Fried Chicken
This Sandwich is worth the trip alone! The Biscuit is buttery and crunchy with being dry. The Chicken is moist and juicy on the inside with a flaky crunchy crust. The Cheddar, smartly served on bottom has a rich, savory taste. The Egg, placed on top is warm and fresh. All in all, this Sandwich is perfectly constructed. We also had the Sausage version which was great as well.

Open Faced Monte Cristo with spiced Maple on French Toast
Fried Ham & Cheese on French Toast with spiced Maple Syrup on tap, are you kidding me? Nope. Totally serious and totally awesome.

Grilled Asparagus with house Bacon, Parmesan & sunny side up Egg
I didn’t try this dish but the other guys who did said it was great.

Tasty Muffin with Boudin Blanc Sausage, Arugula, Apple Butter & Fried Egg with a Side of Pimento Cheese
This was just a ridiculous mix of great sweet and savory flavors.IMG_9486

Burmese Red Pork Stew with Short Grain Rice & Eggs two ways
This dish is a house speciality and known for it’s reported ability to cure hangovers. The dish is essentially sweet Smoked Pork Belly over Rice with Scrambled and Eggs over easy. It is both sweet and spicy and perhaps one of the most amazing dishes in all of Portland.

Moroccan Chicken Hash with Onion Sour Cream & over easy Egg
By this point in the meal I was practically bursting at the seams from good food so I opted out trying a bite. I’m told this was as good as anything else we had eaten.

Tasty Burger with House Bacon and Smoked Bleu Cheese
And of course, this is a Burger blog so you knew this was coming. Be warned it comes with Pickles which isn’t listed on the menu. I can’t stand Pickles and think that they act like poison. Once a pickle touches my Food, it’s infected and all tastes like Pickles. Moving on, let’s talk about the Bacon, in a word, its awesome. The Bacon is smok, thick and bursting with intense Pork flavors. The Bun barely holds up under the weight of the hearty Beef Patty and toppings. The Smoked Blue cheese is great. You can’t really taste the smoke in between all the other flavors but it’s creamy and rich. The Burger tastes of all natural Beef flavor as it melts in your mouth. To be a little nit-picky, it could’ve used a little seasoning which was easily remedied with a dash of Black Pepper. Overall, a pretty good Burger but the Bacon is definitely the star of the show. Although I didn’t eat too many of them, the French Fries were really good with an all natural Potato flavor.

8 out of 10 Ounces

If you’re looking for great Food, you can expect epic level eats & outstanding service at Tasty n Sons.


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